Class Descriptions

Good Karma Flow

This is our signature vinyasa class here at Good Karma. Good Karma flow is a dynamic breath-focused practice that utilizes sun salutations to link intelligently sequenced poses into a continuously flowing organic whole. This experience sustains clarity of focus and builds inner heat as it develops strength and flexibility in equal proportion. The result is improved balance, resilience and endurance. Our teachers encourage deep experiential understanding of one’s own body. Breath, alignment, appropriate personal modifications and the use of props are stressed at every one of these open level classes. Truly a moving meditation—suitable for all levels.

Empower Your Flow 


A powerful, dynamic and sweaty all levels class designed to challenge, awaken, detoxify and purify every system, muscle and tissue of the body. This energetic flow style class guides students towards greater awareness of self, personal transformation and empowerment. It will sculpt, tone and condition both your body and your mind. This class is appropriate for all levels. Modifications and variations are encouraged to support and accommodate individual needs and experience levels.

Candlelight Flow

This candlelit class is a deep, meditative practice. This practice will be lit entirely by candlelight helping us to balance our emotions, still our minds and open the deep connective tissues in the body using various asanas.This sequence syncs up breath and flow to move spine in all directions by practicing backbends, forward bends, twists and inversions using props allowing for deep relaxation. This class focuses on poses that promote relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation and is a peaceful way to end your day.

Gentle & Restorative

Discover improved strength and openness as you move energy through the body, utilizing gentle flowing movements, passive and supported poses while staying connected with the breath and the shifting sensations in the body.  This is an ideal class for beginners, those working with injury or limited mobility or those who simply enjoy a softer approach to yoga. Gentle yoga is also a perfect compliment to a more active yoga practice, as well as any athlete's workout regimen.  

Align to Center

Through intentional sequencing and detailed instruction, find something new in familiar shapes while developing the strength, flexibility, and increased body awareness to approach unfamiliar and more challenging postures. Experience the balance of sthira (stability, strength) and sukha (lightness, ease) by holding poses longer in order to adjust and refine your alignment; enabling your breath to remain steady, your energy to flow freely, and your mind to find stillness. This class is suitable for all levels, instruction is detailed therefore no prior yoga experience is necessary.

Align & Strengthen

This class brings us back to basics, allowing for play and exploration, and the comfort of a warm cup of black tea. The focus is on alignment, and breathwork, exploring beginning postures, including the six directions of the spine. Learn to play, explore, and stretch and strengthen muscles you never knew you had! We will find your version of each posture, allowing you to express yourself more fully. Some postures will be held longer to bypass muscular energy, to get to the fascia, or connective webbing surrounding all the muscles and tissues of the body. This will help you to release tension, and relax. This class is great for all levels, including those with a strong practice who want to go back to basics, and exercise their beginner’s mind.

Architecture & Form

KATONAH YOGA ® is a syncretic Hatha yoga practice developed by Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga Center over 40 years. She and her teachers incorporate classical Hatha yoga with Taoist theory, geometry, magic, mythology, metaphor, and imagination in a practical framework designed to potentiate personal and communal well-being. Framing the practice, maps of time and personal space are defined and refined.

Themes using asana as origami, manipulating form for function, and developing a sense of personal measure are incorporated in Katonah Yoga practices. Katonah Yoga is organized around three principles of esoteric dialogue: all polarities are mediated by trinity; the universe has pattern, pattern belies intelligence; by virtue of repetition there is potential for insight. Disciplined techniques are organized for revelation through revolutions.

In this class you will be taught a commingling of classical Hatha yoga poses integrated with theories of sacred geometry and measure that serve to develop stability, ability, vision and dimension, peppered with Pranayama to move breath through the body’s terrain, serving as a conduit between the body and mind to soothe the soul and build an identity. The goal of the practice is to become whole, in order to live a life of integrity and happiness.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slow paced, challenging yet quiet form of yoga. We preform long-held passive floor poses to get into to deep connective tissues of the body in and around the muscles and joints. Yin yoga is a great compliment to all forms of yang exercise as it helps promote strength, vitality, hydration and mobility of the body.
This practice could help improve your experience with meditation and balance in your life physically, mentally and energetically.